V8.0 New Series: Legend - Ängelholm's Advance

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V8.0 New Series: Legend - Ängelholm's Advance

Yes,  there is life outside of F1®!  Here the usual extra info on this series, for the Koenigsegg Agera RS, plus Regera and One:1...

There are 51 events (48 Trophy + 3 TT) with each car having a specific two-event showcase + TT.   The rewards 25-50-75-100% are split 10-16-22-33GC, and you will need to wait until after Christmas to 100% complete the series with the Agera RS.

Meantime you can get a long way with a fully-upped Regera alone:

...and with a fully-upped One:1 in addition:

(I think just 75% actually came at around PR93)

The important thing to note is that an FU'd One:1 can run the final Cup race,so when its Special Event comes the Agera RS only needs upgrading enough to win it smiley
(In all likelihood it will be a future Exclusive, but no need to think about that yet!!)

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