Rally Racing and cars update (also a bit of multiplayer racing)

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Rally Racing and cars update (also a bit of multiplayer racing)

Yes, another boooooooooring topic about this. Developers dont worry though, I believe all of us can give you all the time to do it. I created this topic to gather everybody's opinion and suggestions about the next (probably) update, and of Multiplayer racing, a feature almost everyone in Assoluto's community has longed to get.

Also, as we heard from another post by the devs/designers, we heard
1) We have many European manufacturers coming up, but We will be going back to our roots for a moment.
2) New BIG car manufacturer coming up next update
What my guess would be is more JDM cars that AR has not added, such as Toyota and Subaru. If Subaru comes, next thing I would think of is obviously rally update. I mean, Subaru and rally are associated with each other for a long time. See how this bits and pieces linking together?

I am surely very excited about this new update coming up. Also, I want to talk about multiplayer.

I know this is a topic well talked about, but I feel there is just something we did not cover on that topic. What features would you guys want from AR in multiplayer racing? 

Here's my opinion: Firstly, AR has to make more maps or license tracks. Sure, this can take very long and troublesome for the devs, but like I said, we all can wait, right? I believe AR would try and cover this aspect asap. 

Lastly, what feature I would like in AR's multiplayer system is private and online sessions. Private sessions being, lets say, just you and your friends in one gameroom. This makes Assoluto Racing special because then the people do not have to play just with the public, but private sessions as well.

What features would YOU want in AR's next update or multiplayer feature? Tell them below now!


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