Favorite circuit (v6.1)

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Favorite circuit (v6.1)
Any love for Red Bull Ring GP?
Please pick your most favorite track first, then second and third options.
15% (611 points)
Suzuka GP/East/West
12% (459 points)
Bathurst (Mt.Panorama)
11% (442 points)
Melbourne (Southbank)
Le Mans
9% (359 points)
Silverstone Arena/Bridge/Int'l/Nt'l
7% (293 points)
Mazda (Laguna Seca)
Red Bull Ring GP
6% (252 points)
Monza Road
4% (168 points)
Indy Speedway
Nurburgring GP/Sprint
3% (126 points)
Catalunya GP/National
Indy Road
HockenheimRing GP/Nt'l/Short
Dubai Club/GP/Int'l/Nt'l
Daytona Speedway
Hong Kong ePrix
2% (64 points)
Daytona Road/Moto
Brands Hatch Indy
Any little one: Catal. Club, Dubai Hill/Oval, Monza Jr., Nurb. Mullenbach
1% (22 points)
Leipzig On-road/Dynamic (Porsche)
0% (0 points)
Total votes: 189

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